12. Jul 2021
re>≡CAP 2021
  TL;DR: Watch the recordings of re>≡CAP 2021, the 2nd edition of the "(un)conference on the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model", that streamed June 25th, 2021.
08. Apr 2021
Extensibility Scenario With Key User Tools
TL;DR: The app Custom-Business-Object allows us to create a lightweight module in our sap-system. On top of it, it can create an OData service. With this OData service we are able to develop and use...
06. Apr 2021
Fiori Customization
TL;DR: With a custom-theme as well as with the key-user tools we are able to quickly make changes that our Fiori apps or our Fiori Launchpad appear in a new brilliance. With a bit more time we can...
01. Apr 2021
Fiori Introduction
TL;DR: The Fiori cosmos has a lot of expressions. There are standard Fiori apps as well Fiori lighthouse apps available. Also, there are several options to develop our own Fiori app. In this blog we...
12. Nov 2020
Separation of UI5 and hybrid part
TL;DR: All is better now. Don’t bother if you use an older version of WDI5 and you don’t want to update. Use wdi5 as before for hybrid app testing, but check out wdio5-ui5-service npm module if you...
21. Aug 2020
Recordings of reCAP online 2020
  TL;DR: Watch the records of the "reCAP (un)conference on the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model", hosted on 15th of May 2020.
22. Jul 2020
Gobbledygook Galore! Ep. 0 - Introduction
  TL;DR: Keep in touch with the reality of machine learning and artificial intelligence - without the fuss and hype. Read what's real and righteous and get things done efficiently.
21. Jul 2020
Upcoming blog series about on-device UI5 testing with wdi5
  TL;DR: Check out the github repository of the Open-Source testing framework wdi5 (/vdi5/). Contributors welcome!